XXIXth International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences 2010

Pro Heraldica will host the “XXIXth International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences 2010” in Stuttgart , 12th – 17th September 2010. Experts from all over the world are gathering to discuss questions of identity in Genealogy and Heraldry. The quest of tracing identity is a fascinating and exciting undertaking. Cultures are creating diverse identities, which can be presented under…


First films for the competition for the DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD arrived International film-makers and students from universities of arts, film schools and institutes worldwide are participating in the Delphic Art Movie Award (DAMA) documentary short film competition. Shortly after the start of the registration period the first films arrived. The films should be intended to document, to inform, to…

Delphic World Intangible Cultural Heritage

The preservation of world intangible cultural heritage has become a new initiative of the International Delphic Council (IDC) with the award as “Delphic World Intangible Cultural Heritage” (DWICH). It is the objective to protect those cultural values and artistic traditions of people in danger to fade away. The IDC started its worldwide research for cultural values to preserve this treasure…

Historic Coronation of Xhosa King

Prince Park Soo Kwan, Delphic Ambassador, attended the historic coronation of Xhosa King where he met Chief Nkosi Mandela, Grandson of Nelson Mandela. The event took place on the 18th June 2010 at Nqadu Royal Palace in Willowvale , Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Kings, Sheiks, Princes and Chiefs from the African continent joined the proceedings.

Poznan has expressed its Interest

Poznan has expressed its interest to bid for the Delphic Games. With Tomasz Wendland a well-known artist and culture manager of the city gets involved. After several successful Delphic Games in Asia time has come to get the Games back to Europe, said Lukas J. Cissowski, Executive Board Member of the International Delphic Council to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, largest polish newspaper.

Art Place Berlin

Art place berlin – Forum for contemporary art and intercultural exhibition projects at the Park Inn Berlin – Alexanderplatz presents: Sabine & Axel Sperl – Photographic Impressions from the opening of the III Delphic Games 2009 Jeju / South-Korea May 15th – July 12th 2010, open daily 24h free entrance

Nature Capitale

Gad Weil, designated President of NDC France, transformed on the 23rd and 24th of May the Champs-Elysées in Paris with his project “Nature Capitale” in an ocean of plants, flowers and trees. Almost 2 million spectators stunned about the colourful beauty. Federal President Nicolas Sarkozy personally took the time to open this spectacular event.

French National Delphic Committee

The founding group of the French National Delphic Committee nominated Gad Weil, well-known Artistic Director, as President of the NDC. On 28th of April 2010 a working meeting took place in Paris , attended by J. Christian B. Kirsch, IDC Secretary General and Alain Eisenstein, IDC Board Member.