Games Bid


While a worldwide competition between cities, countries and regions to earn prestige and power has begun, various aspects rule the race. These go beyond finances and economy; more towards culture, art, education, social and ecology standards.
At Delphic Games, we rethink the future while preserving our cultural identity and traditions and at the same time, embracing new common ideas. As the name suggests, ‘The Delphic Games of the Modern Era’, imply that not every artistic manifestation can be a part of the Games. While all artists deserve respect and honour for their creative achievements, we consider the general profiles and conditions of the host while selecting our participating artists and art forms.
The Games vary in size, focus, content and format as follows:

Worldwide Delphic Games

Conducted every 4 years, for adults above 25 years of age

Worldwide Junior Delphic Games

Conducted every 4 years, 2 years apart from Delphic Games for juniors of 15-25 years
of age

Regional Delphiads

Conducted at regional, provincial, national or continental levels in coordination with the Delphic Games, IDC and Delphic council of the respective country

The Bidding Procedure

Cities, regions, organisations and countries can bid for hosting the games after proving the requirements of networking in arts, culture, administration and economy.
A representative must send an informal letter to the IDC in Berlin expressing their interest to host the games along with their motivation and candidate performance. Following this, the aspiring hosts must answer some basic questions and on getting positive results, the guidelines are sent to the candidates. They will also get a draft of the Host City Contract.
The official bid submission is announced to the Bid Committee along with representatives of the government, National Delphic Council (NDC) and powerful partners of arts, culture and economy with their competence. In the absence of an NDC in the candidate country, a parallel NDC is formed with the Bid Committee. Chances of winning the bid are higher for countries where eminent personalities are involved.
The infrastructure, finances, marketing and media plans are reviewed and after a successful bid, the validity of the contract is confirmed by the IDC. The selection is highly process-driven and completed only after extensive research and evaluation of the bidding documents. Along with the bid, a bidding lump-sum is also due.