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The aim of the DELPHIC WORLD CULTURE FORUM (DWCF) – Foundation and its present representation the International Delphic Council (IDC) and its structure is resting on the ancient Greek model of peaceful cooperation of the Amphictyony, which is the conclusion of the 12 Greek tribes not to fight upon the ownership of the sanctuary of Delphi but to share, to benefit and to administer together – becoming with this model the forerunner of today’s UNO to prevent conflicts and to preserve peace.

Today we live in turbulent times and conflicts arising in many places of the world UN have difficulties to solve or to balance, UNESCO is in radical change in a world where money is dominating daily life and real values are declining. In these times the dialogue of art and culture becomes more important than ever and it needs powerful forums and concepts to take action.

In its initial years, IDC experts actively participated in the World Culture Forum 2004 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 2007 in Dresden, Germany but the initiating cities & countries were unable to establish a sustainable platform for arts and culture – due to the lack of intercultural expertise, strategic impact, spiritual power and / or dominance of bureaucratic minds.

These developments guided the IDC towards creating a Delphic World Culture Forum sharing its global experience with those interested to make the world a better place for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Now, the IDC has established itself as a platform for leaders and influential personalities from around the world to explore common interests, build sustainable contacts and nurture the fields of arts, culture, tourism, media, politics and business and also recognizes its responsibility as a sustainable and practical arm of world culture like the valuable role played by UNESCO.

Moving ahead, the 1st Delphic World Culture Forum is planned as soon as the economic and spiritual platform is established in association with the International Delphic Council (IDC), national organizations and authorities’ of the hosting country.

DWCF is considered as an annual event with changing or permanent destinations. While the economy plays a significant role on the world stage, we can’t just build our future based on numbers or algorithms. We must focus on lasting values, humanity, love, friendship and real connections that don’t have a price tag. Building a community in this way will create beautiful futures for our children, grandchildren and many more generations.

Guidance to Leaders

Just like the World Economic Forum Davos aims to business and profit, the DWCF aims to promote topics of culture, education, arts and heritage on its platform with the support of world leaders. The forum will create a unique learning experience for leaders and decision makers who are in charge of arts, culture, heritage, education, tourism, finance and other fields responsible for the development of a sustainable society. The targets of the DWCF include the following:

  • Introduction of the Delphic Games of the Modern Era and its objectives
  • Cultural Identity at regional, city and nation level
  • Branding by arts and culture
  • Linking Arts, Cultures and Education (ACE)
  • Making ACE accessible to everybody
  • Learning to know, to do and to share

Though global intellectual personalities have discussed the issues related to art and culture for hundreds of years, there has never been any actionable conclusion. The main reason being the sensitivity and importance of identity, educational contents, directions and the artistic expressions associated with these fields.

At DWCF, we understand the importance of narrowing the subjects and having a clear goal and direction to reach possible solutions. Thus, we have defined the six Delphic Art Categories as per our guidelines based on specific art disciplines so that it is easier for our audience to comprehend – such as

  • Musical Arts & Sounds
  • Performing Arts & Acrobatic
  • Language Arts & Elocution
  • Visual Arts & Handicraft
  • Social Arts & Communication
  • Ecological Arts & Architecture

Before we begin discussions on these subjects, we update our guests about the Delphic Movement and its background. This enables them to be well-aware of the games, its members and branches established and those to come. IDC considers all guests and contributors of DWCF as decision makers in the fields related to art and culture and of leading global organizations like UNO, UNESCO, EU, ASEAN, etc., international and national cultural institutes, foundations, artists, media, and business professionals.


Therefore, before we can discuss our subjects we have to pre-inform our guests about the Delphic Games, its history, values and mission etc. in advance to give them the chance to understand.

This should be a common PR Campaign carried out / patronised by the Ministry of Culture, Education, Communication (with this we educate them as well and give them a better understanding), the NDC / the IDC – possibly referring to the upcoming next Delphic event (Continental Delphiads, worldwide Delphic Games) as the global stage to encounter arts and culture.

This is a very special PR method and raises attention at the media level as well, if we start with a World Press Conference, hosted by one of the Ministries about one year prior to the DWCF / Delphiad / Delphic Games.


Guests should be (considering about 50% or even less attendance) the Minister colleagues for Arts, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Media and Tourism as well as the leading world organisations (UNO, UNESCO, ASEAN, EU, etc), institutes (Cultural institutes, foundations, etc), artists and business people.

It also should consider that the whole audience have to break up in separate groups to make it a vivid interesting gathering.

The DWCF should end with an Artistic Closing Event – giving the guests a chance to discuss at first the theory and seeing thereafter the practise live.

Aim & Goal
  • announcing the Delphic Games existence
  • promoting the (possible) next Games
  • Giving other nations the opportunity to bid for Delphic Games / Delphiads when they feel ready.
Subjects for discussion
  • What impact has culture on a nation?
  • How to support identity in a globalized world?
  • How to brand cities, regions, countries and continents?
  • How to prevent conflicts, wars through arts & culture?
  • How to bridge the journey from past towards future?
  • How to animate the youth to be curious to know more about their culture?
  • How to reveal the cultural heritage in playful manner?
  • And more ………..

The Delphic World Culture Forum – Foundation (under construction)

The donors and sponsors consider the International Delphic Council as a public benefit organization comprising all main activities of the Worldwide Delphic Movement – which in parts can be seen in the various chapters of activities of this website. The DWCF is considered as supreme authority and guiding structure to secure transparency and sustainability.

For further questions, please get in touch with J. Christian B. KIRSCH,
Initiator of the Delphic Movement and Founder of the International Delphic Council
IDC Head Office, Berlin, Germany

Thank you for your understanding.