Educational Concept


Teaching through Arts – Inculcates the concept of Delphic Games in schools and the youth culture through year-round competitions along with regular school time.

Professional Workshops – Presentation by participants and public events by leading creative professionals

School Administrations – This project can develop into a national level competition keeping the International Youth Delphic Games as a model. Thus, school heads carry the responsibility of leading students with a redefined motto every year.

  • Encourage the youth in their cultural and artistic education
  • Enhance interest in current society issues
  • Offer personal access to art, culture and society while giving space for creative expressions and debates
  • Benefit from exchanges with youth and experienced and professional advice of skilled experts
  • Develop adolescent expressions and communication channels
  • Strengthen the bond of students with their schools and create a platform to demonstrate their potential in public
Competitions and Presentations

Artistic disciples are youth-oriented, where school intern or extern appeal to the creative potential of students. Intern entries are devised in class under the guidance of special subject teachers or group leaders while extern entries are conducted in workshops under artists, educators and leading professionals.

While participants take part under their own names, they represent their schools and thus, schools get a chance to showcase their profile and special projects as well. A specialized jury elects the winner in every disciple and then the prize gala celebrations are concluded.


  • Essay – The classical literary genre ‘essay’ includes many different forms, such as treatises, columns and articles. An essay always deals with only one subject and poses new questions. The texts will be developed in classrooms, whereby an essay should be in each case the work of individual pupils.
  • Photography & Photo Design
  • Digital Media


  • Poetry Slam – One of the most vivid poetry slam scenes in the German-speaking world is located in Berlin. Poetry Slam is a modern literary lecture competition which is presented to the audience as a short, self-written text.
  • Impro Theatre
  • Breakdance
  • Streetart
Organization Structure

The Regional Delphic Art Wall Project (DAWP) Team, mandated by the International Delphic Council (IDC) is the nodal entity to coordinate and assist the Hosting body in hosting the Delphic Art Coalition in their location.

A Hosting Body can be:

  • National Delphic Council
  • Local Delphic Club
  • Local Government
  • The Local Educational Administration
  • Local Municipality
  • Schools Association
  • Individual School
  • Citizen’s Forum
  • Organization in Arts Education / All above in partnership.
Who benefits?

Pupils / Students / Artists – They will be given a unique national and international forum to express their feelings on canvas and socialize with friends and make new friends, interact on discussions pertaining to their culture and that of others, thereby adding a new dimension to their own personalities.
Eventually, some of these students may get to interact with students from around the world in Delphi during the Castalian Springs Ceremony prior to the Delphic Games and get opportunities as Student Ambassadors during the Delphic Games & the Youth Delphic Games that take place in different countries of the world.

Teachers / Educators / Art Networks – A unique way of testing artistic skills of their students and to understand them through their unique expressions, as much as expressing themselves as leaders.

Schools / Colleges / Universities – a unique worldwide forum to be known as sensitive to the arts & cultures with an international outlook, therefore producing future leaders with the right temperament for continuity and progress.

Local Audiences / Tourism – an interesting platform of interaction with their own community and encourage youngsters through dialogues with them and add to the overall social and art canvas, while learning about what is happening around the world.

Municipalities / Regions / Countries – a unique motivation for arts, culture and social, political participation and its branding possibilities that can spawn interest in local tourism, local artisans and other specialties the place has to offer.

Sponsors / Philanthropists / Donors – a unique platform for corporate and institutional sponsors and entities to promote their values, corporate social responsibility as much as fund the overall project in return for digital and physical media and intangible benefits of association.