Delphic Time Journey (1)

Review until 1994

The 80s

  • J. Christian B. Kirsch supports singers, dancers and painters.

  • Frequent participation as an observer at international music competitions. His experiences / research lead him to the realization that there are serious differences in training and further education methods between the USA, Europe, Asia and above all Germany.


  • JCB Kirsch develops a concept to promote further education in music and dance entitled “Olympic Music Games”.

  • He presents this concept to Prof. Dr. Hellmut FLASHAR, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. “What you describe has more to do with the Pythian Games in Delphi than with Olympia” is his comment.

  • The Delphic Games are taking shape.


  • After two audiences, Her Majesty Sofia QUEEN OF SPAIN advises JCB Kirsch to go to Greece to start the Delphic Movement from there.

  • JCB Kirsch contacts Federico MAYOR ZARAGOZA, Director-General of UNESCO and Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, President of the IOC, who congratulates Mr Kirsch in a personal letter on 16 June.

1989 / 1990

  • JCB Kirsch lives, works and does research in Greece including six months in Delphi.

  • He is a consultant for cultural policy and economics and seeks the advice of personalities such as Melina MERCOURI, Tzanis TZANNETAKIS, Niki GOULANDRIS, Mikis THEODORAKIS and Dora BAKOYANNIS; collaboration with Stavros XARCHAKOS, composer, conductor and politician.


  • JCB Kirsch is working on a concept for the reintroduction of the Delphic Games and presents the idea to the Greek Minister of Culture Evangelos VENIZELOS.


  • Meeting with Dr. Ehrhard BUSEK, Federal Minister of Science and Research in Austria.


  • Meeting with Jacques TOUBON, French Minister of Culture and Francophonie; Faruk HOSNY, Egyptian Minister of Culture; Dr. Nasser El ANSARY, Chairman of Egypt’s National Cultural Centre; Nikolai GUBENKO, Minister of Culture of the Soviet Union and Federico MAYOR ZARAGOZA, UNESCO Secretary General.


  • JCB Kirsch organizes the Founding Assembly of the International Delphic Council (IDC) and welcomes 57 participants from 20 countries and 5 continents to Berlin’s Schönhausen Palace.

  • JCB Kirsch is elected as Secretary General of the IDC.