Delphic Games Supreme Authority

International Delphic Council – in key words

Non-profit organization / founded in 1994 by representatives of 20 countries from five continents in Schloss Schönhausen in Berlin, Germany / 100 years after the founding of the IOC for Sport.


Revival of the Delphic Games in four year intervals – as a worldwide stage for the encounter of arts and cultures and every two years Delphiads / Continental Games take place – as the Games between the Games.

Reg.: Local Court Charlottenburg Berlin No. 15533 Nz / Tax No. 27/668/55270

Elected Founding Executive Board Members (1994)

President: Chief (Ms.) Adanike Ebun AKINOLA-OYAGBOLA (Nigeria), Vice-President: Mr. Prof. Dr. Izaly ZEMTSOVSKY (Russia), Initiator & Secretary General: Mr. J. Christian B. KIRSCH (Germany). Other members: Mr. Raúl ALVARELLOS (Argentina), Ms. Prof. Divina BAUTISTA (Philippines), Ms. Prof. Zita KELMIKAITÉ (Lithuania), Mr. Oliver PASCALIN (Ecuador), Mr. Dipl. Ing. Symeon TZOVANIS (Greece) and Mr. Dr. José MEJIA URZURA (Mexico)

Delphic Ambassadors

Mr. Dr. Nelson MANDELA † (South Africa), H.E. Mr. Mohamed Al ORABI (Egypt), Mr. Dr. Lothar de MAIZIÈRE (Germany), Mr. Dr. Uwe KÄRGEL (Germany), Mr. Dr. Konstantin GABASHVILI (Georgia), Mr. Vladimir PLATONOV (Russia), Ms. Mubarakka LOKHANDWALA GHADIYALI (India), H.E. Mr. Zulfiquar GHADIYALI (India)

Honorary Members

Mr. Spyros MERCOURIS (Greece), Mr. Prof. Dr. Sibosisu BENGU (South Africa), Ms. Irmgard VON KIENLIN – MOY (Germany), Mr. Georgi GUNIA (Georgia), Ms. Chief Ebu Adanike OYAGBOLA (Nigeria), Eduard Graf VON WESTPHALEN (Germany)


The Delphic Games are, historically speaking, a peacemaking competition of the arts.

They took place in ancient Greece for almost 1000 years, one year prior to the Olympic Games and had at the time a similar level of importance in society. The Games were organised by the Amphictyony, forerunner of the UN, with the aim of creating/preserving PEACE.

Modern Times

First Youth Delphic Games 1997, Tbilisi. Georgia. First Delphic Games (adults) 2000, Moscow, Russia. Meantime 8 Delphic Games, Junior Delphic Games, Summits and Conferences took place worldwide.

European Initiative

The Launching of the EUROPEAN DELPHIAD will take place 2020 – 75 years after the end of World War II – Start-up for Peace. Patronages: Mr Antonio TAJANI, President of the European Parliament (2017); Mr Karl-Heinz LAMBERTZ, President of the European Committee of the Regions (2019); Mr Luca JAHIER, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (2019); Ms Elena KOUNTOURAS, Minister for Tourism of Greece (2017); Mr Kostas BAKOYANNIS, Governor of Central Greece (2017).

After their launch, the European Delphiads will be held every two years in changing European countries. The focus is on strengthening Europe. It is important to use art & culture & education strategically in order to address citizens emotionally, to make them aware of common values / common history and to actively involve civil society.