Mission & Vision


The strongest linkage between people, regions, countries, continents and societies are art and culture. Culture is the deepest expression of individuals and reflects the asset of mankind at a time.

To preserve our culture in a globalized word and to secure financial needs, we have to structure culture by using the different arts as implementing tool to achieve sustainable results in education and to teach our children with the help of the arts to trigger creativity and to understand their culture, cultural heritage and values they are resting on.

VISION – to structure Cultures
  • Just like the Olympic Games for sports, Delphic Games aspires to unite nations and cultures across the globe through a common fascination for arts.
  • To create a platform for people of all ages and nationalities that gives access to art and culture while creating a base for emotional understanding amongst each other.
MISSION – to secure Diversity OF ARTS
  • Art, culture and education are a beautiful expression of modern creations and an integral asset of our identity, creativity and progress.
  • Art can build strong bridges to connect nations and contribute towards a peaceful living environment.
  • Art and culture also have the ability to blossom one’s existence and answer vital questions like who am I, where did I come from and where do I go? The solutions help in building a powerful identity and give a futuristic pathway in this global world.