Spiritual Foundation of the Delphic Movement



The physical and mental health of humankind, of peoples and
of cultures is a valuable commodity of dignified human existence.



Only those who shape the future
have the right to judge the past and the present.


The Delphic Movement is an alliance for the future
as a prerequisite for a future which we can look forward to.
The Delphic Movement is committed to safeguarding and developing
the cultural and civic assets of humankind.



The Delphic Movement celebrates the human spirit
in the form of the Delphic Games and the Delphiads.
In musical presentations, the wounds of political adversity are healed,
peoples and cultures reconcile their differences and the human spirit achieves peace.



Competition of the spirit and intellect among humankind and its peoples
unleash mutual fertilization which enables individual cultures to revitalize each other
and to realize the universality of the human spirit.


Beholden to the Delphic spirit, the Delphic Movement awakens and promotes
the spiritual and intellectual strength of humankind and cultivates,
in the form of the Delphic artistic categories and their disciplines,
the turbulent Dionysian power of humankind by command of Apollo.



The musical competitions, presentations, exhibitions and the experience of the human spirit
are supported by the principles of the sacred Delphic Grove:
γνωθι σεαυτον (gnthi seautn) and μηδεν αγαν (medn agan).
Know yourself as a mortal and imperfect human being
and do nothing which does not hold true for humanity,
for nature both animate and inanimate,
for the conditions of ones existence and for yourself.


Revised and amended 2018
based on the contributions of Dr. Wulff Rehfus, JCB Kirsch 2002
translation Murdo MacPhail