Wouldn’t it be sad
to be a contemporary of a great idea
and having overlooked it?

Water – the symbolic element of the Delphic Games of Modern Times Castalian Spring Ceremony at Delphi, Greece – prior to the Delphic Games

Every Great Idea Deserves a Chance

“Great Ideas are not born every year, not even every hundred years. This is why the dimension is not so easy to be recognised, the sensitivity is lacking and the routine. However, wouldn’t it be sad to be a contemporary of a great idea and having overlooked it?
Here it is, the chance, to leave a footprint in history behind and to benefit from it.”

Crossroads of Tomorrow
Rapid developments in the last few decades are constantly reshaping the modern business world. Today, a new market is being developed that is shifting from the traditional business and opening up new possibilities for those who are sensitive towards this shift. New challenges also arise, compromising immigration with its cultures and traditions. It’s time to look for new answers for national and global security and preserve traditional democracy across time and geographies.

Culture Market Economy
This offers a new model to protect art and culture with a political cultural guideline along with the economic needs required to finance such an undertaking. Art and culture offer an identity to a competing economy and become an integral part of society, thus giving space for new initiatives to merge cultural and economic achievements in an identity-protecting process. The Culture Market Economy model should offer a direction that supports and strengthens art, culture and education as a legitimate base for long-term economic growth.

Branding through Art & Culture
In a globalised world with shifting centres like from Europe to Asia, it becomes vital for nations to brand themselves through their art and culture. Leaders of cities, regions and countries are often faced with difficult challenges to set new milestones in order to become relevant crosswords for art, culture, education, economy, trade and tourism. The Culture Market Economy will gain a significant value in the entertainment world, mainly represented by sports today.

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