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Delphiads – the Games between the Games at continental, regional, national, local level

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In 2020, 75 years after the end of World War II,  the IDC opens the view on a new future for Europe by calling people together to create an own image of their Europeand by launching the first European Delphiades of arts and culture to strengthen our common roots.

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Delphic Identity

Art, culture and education are the most significant proof for identity, creativity and development. They are expression of contemporary creation. Art is able to build bridges between cultures and nations and can contribute to a peaceful living together. Art and culture inspire and promote the awareness for ones own existence. They help to answer the questions: Who am I, where do I come from and where to go? These questions about ones own identity, to find the future way in a globalised world becomes increasingly important.

Delphic Games
Delphic Games

The Delphic Games were held parallel to Olympic Games in ancient Greece and celebrated one year prior to the Olympic Games for about 1000 years – until both games were banned as heathen Games 394 BC.The Olympic Games for sport revived with the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 1894 in Paris – 1500 years after the ban  The Delphic Games for arts and culture revived with the founding of the International Delphic Council (IDC) 1994 in Berlin – 1600 years after the ban.

Delphic Artwall banner
Delphic Art Wall

A unique platform to get School Children from around the world to present their artistic expressions on canvas on what they perceive Arts and Cultures to be, in an ambience designed to be fun.
The wall will make its presence at the next Delphic Games, the worlds only common ground for Competitions, Presentations & Exhibitions in 6 Arts Categories and numerous sub-disciplines, with origins in ancient Greece 2500 years ago and revived in the Modern Era.

Delphic Art Categories & Disciplines

Part of the Delphic Games identity includes six Delphic Art Categories, with different traditional and contemporary Art Disciplines in a mix and cross-over.


Musical Arts & Sounds

Singing, instrumental, electronic sounds
    • Singing – solo / group
    • Traditional / Contemporary
    • Instruments – solo / group
    • Traditional / Contemporary
arts 2

Performing Arts & Acrobatics

Dance, theater, circus
    • Dance – solo / group
    • Classical / Traditional / Contemporary
    • Show Dance
    • Theatre
    • Circus
language arts 3

Language Arts & Elocution

Literature, lectures, moderation
    • Written literature
    • Poetry, Lyric
    • Children literature
    • Story telling, Fairy tales
    • Audio play productions
    • Moderation, Speaker
delphic-games-Visual-Arts 4

Visual Arts & Handicrafts

Design, Fashion, Photography
    • Painting / graphic
    • Sculpture / Installation
    • Photography /short film
    • Computer & Education Games
    • Design / Fashion
    • Pottery
    • Jewellery
delphic-games-Social-Arts-Communication 5

Social Arts & Communications

Pedagogic, didactic, rhetoric
    • Rituals
    • Internet
    • Computer & Education Games
    • Media & Television Spots
    • Animation
    • Rural Games
    • Community Games

Ecological Arts & Architecture

Landscape, City & Village Planning
    • Conservation of building and soil Monuments
    • Preservations of architectural highlights
    • Parks & Playgrounds design
    • Rediscovery of traditional building elements
    • Development of multi-generational housing models






Will assist to express traditional and modern creation as an integral asset of our identity, creativity and progress, Can build strong bridges to connect regions, nations, continents and contribute towards peaceful living environment, has the ability to blossom one’s existence and answers vital questions like

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I go?

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Linking Arts, Culture and Education is lacking worldwide. Prosperity, Understanding and Peace is based on knowing more about each other. Comparing skills inflates talents, makes dreams reality and makes friends. Become an active part of the “Culture Market Economy”


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“It’s a moving moment to state, that the “continuously talking water” of the Kastalian spring did not stop flowing and that there are still people sensitive to hearing it.”

Konstantinos Lefas

Konstantinos Lefas

Mayor of Delphi, Greece, December 1994

“I can think of no model more worthy of emulation than the Greek. They placed the refinement of body, mind, and spirit on one invisible altar to life. This trinity must be revered and cultivated. It is a feature of our own world than we have divided and subdivided continually the whole into its specific component parts and have often lost the binding unity to which this specific function is attached. There is a mutual independence between the whole to its parts and parts to the whole; we must never lose sight of either. I applaud your new impulses and your targets.”

Lord Yehudi MENUHIN

Lord Yehudi MENUHIN

OM, KBE Violinist and Conductor, April 1997

“It is in this spirit, that the ancient Greeks organised the original Delphic Games, and it is also in this spirit that the International Delphic Council decided to relaunch the Games. I would like to salute this initiative very warmly The Second Delphic World Congress and the First Junior Delphics, which are held in Tbilisi this year, are an impressive achievement. I am convinved that, thanks to the enthusiasm of all participants – old and youg, artists and spectators – they will be crowed with success”

Prof. Dr. Daniel Tarschys

Prof. Dr. Daniel Tarschys

Secretary General of the European Council, 1994