ITB Berlin

The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2017, organized in cooperation with the IDC Berlin

A celebration of cultures – boundlessly beautiful!
Sunday, March 12, 3:30 – 5:00 PM in Palais am Funkturm

African rhythms, European sounds and Caribbean dances shape the inspiring finale of the world’s biggest travel trade show.
Official partner country Botswana presents its exquisitely colorful cultural heritage.

Dancers from the Dominican Republic are enchanting the audience with the pair dance Merengue. This both sensual and passionate dance is part of the Dominican cultural heritage.

The many millennia of Andalusia’s history have left an impressive artistic heritage: Passion in the form of dance, the inflaming Flamenco and temperamental rhythms let the Palais tremble.

The folkBALTICA-Ensemble , Ambassador of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, unites talented musicians aged 15 to 25 from both sides of the German-Danish border. Under the leadership of Harald Haugaard the young musicians carry on regional and international musical traditions and use them also to create new sounds.

Polyphoniais the many-voiced soul of Greece in Berlin. The German-Greek choir, conducted by Dr. Ursula Vryzaki, presents famous and lesser known works of Greek composers and poets – melodies getting right under the skin. It is a choir that guarantees enthusiasm and passion.

The Delphic Art Wall – A Wall that Unites is an advertising campaign for the EUROPEAN DELPHIAD 2018 in Delphi, Greece launched by the International Delphic Council (IDC). Arts are connecting WITHOUT BORDERS AND UNLIMITED!

You are warmly invited to join us!

The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2016, organized in cooperation with the IDC Berlin

Exotic Music, Rhythms and Dances – A Spectacular Show.
Sunday, March 13, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Palais am Funkturm
Arndis Halla, the voice of the Icelandic Wind and an internationally acclaimed singer will guide you away to the sounds of the North and present Iceland’s inherent charm and magic.

Artists from the Maldives – the partner country of ITB Berlin – will be providing a glimpse of traditional dances with Bandiya Jehun, Maafathi Neshun (the ’garland dance’), and Kurufali Jehun.

Burundi’s “Sacred Drums” are known as ambassadors of peace. Once the drummers enter the room with the drums on their heads you feel the energy and you’re swept away by the dynamic rhythm.

Pop-Classic-Folk-Acapella from Berlin. Naturenoise sing. Loud and soft, high and low, sometimes in a jumble, sometimes all together – but always from the bottom of their hearts.

Traditional folk music and dances, a mix of Portuguese sounds and Indian traditions. Goa, Melting Pot of Cultures, is inviting to the 5th Youth Delphic Games 2016.

The International Delphic Council organises, in partnership with the ITB Berlin

The Delphic Festival
The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2015
Sunday, March 8, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Palais am Funkturm

Colourful garments, emotional dances, atmospheric sounds and exotic cultural performances. This is what you can discover at the Grand Finale of the world’s leading travel trade show moderated by Mary Amiri, the well-known radio and TV moderator.

500 bells will bring the finale to life.
You are warmly invited to join us.

Award-winning Morin Khuur Ensemble and Arga Bileg ethno jazz band along with well-known singers and dancers present the nomadic culture.

Shiamak Davar is known as the Guru of Contemporary dance in India. His group will perform a contemporary Ballet, highlighting the facets of a multicultural India.

Intore Dancers from Ruanda wearing grass wigs and clutching spears are impressive right from the start.

Fathigandu or clappers from the Maldives are traditional instruments which produce moody sounds telling stories.

Tanoura, Whirling Dervish Egyptian Folklore Dance, commonly translated as “invocation” of God. A fascinating dance around in circles.

Reinhard Lakomy’s song to the children of the world is sung by a Berlin school choir: Bridges like a Rainbow.

The International Delphic Council organises, in partnership with the ITB Berlin

The Delphic Festival –
The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2014
 Sunday, March 9, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Palais am Funkturm

Exhibitors, visitors and guests traditionally celebrate the last day of the world’s leading travel trade show. Artists from around the world rock the stage in a brilliant show moderated by Mary Amiri, the well-known radio and TV moderator.

Burundi’s Sacred Drummers open the show. You are warmly invited to join us!

Carlos Acereto Folk Ballet of Yucatan. Esto es México! This is Mexico! The partner country of ITB Berlin 2014 presents professional dancers performing the traditional dance of the Concheros and the Myths of the State of Mexico.

The Cultural Troupe of National Department for Culture and Arts Malaysia. Excellent and skilled artists entertain with beautiful music and dances of the entire country.

The Berlin Girls’ Choir is one of the best girls’ choir in Germany. Forty girls captivate audiences with their beautiful voices. The Berlin Girls’ Choir knows no musical bounds.

D!’s Dance School is located in the heart of Berlin. Detlef D! Soost young dancers invite guests to participate, from hip-hop and break dance to ballet. Let’s dance.

The Multi-Cultural Regalia Showing and Round Dance performed by American Indian Alaska Natives. Be inspired and surprised!

We would like to welcome you and your companion as our special guest.

To do so, we have VIP-Entrance tickets for the visit of the Travel Trade Show on the 9th of March with a special place at the Event in the afternoon.

The International Delphic Council organises, in partnership with the ITB Berlin

The Delphic Festival –
The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2013

Sunday, March 10, 3:30 – 5:00 pm at the Palais am Funkturm

Mary Amiri, the well-known radio and TV moderator, presents an extraordinary show with artists from around the world.

Saung Angklung Udjo – Indonesia (partner country of ITB Berlin 2013) entertains the audience with very special, interactive instruments appointed by UNESCO as Intangible World Culture Heritage.

Zolani Mkiva gives an impression of one of the oldest art of Africa – the praising. Zolani performed to honor outstanding personalities like Nelson Mandela and exceptional events like the Soccer World Cup 2010.

The Annika Bosch Quintett from Weimar / Germany creates a truly special atmosphere with their warm sound.

The State Dance Ensemble Azerbaijan presents national dances. It became famous at the spectacular Final of the European Song Contest in Baku 2012.

The Rudolstadt Dance Ensemble from Thuringia inspires with an exceptional performance.

The Daughters of Düsseldorf – a unique girl band invites to celebrate a very special song.

The Duo Aënaos fills the room with the beauty of Greek music. Relax and enjoy.

Drums and Dancers from Burundi – a sight to see and a sound to behold.

The Delphic Festival
The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2012

Artist groups of three continents created good mood in the Palais am Funkturm. Visitors, exhibitors and guests celebrated together an extraordinary show.

Sunday, March 11, 3:30 – 5:30 pm at the Palais am Funkturm

AFRICA – Egypt
The Cairo Opera Ballet Company: Established 1966, the Company’s repertoire included both classical and contemporary works. The production of Aida, staged in front of the historical backdrop of the pyramids, was sensational. Their worldwide tours are highly acclaimed – now the dancers could be seen live at ITB Berlin 2012, at the Delphic Festival. Egypt was the Official Partner Country of ITB Berlin 2012.

ASIA – Japan
On march 11th 2011 an earthquake shook Japan. Exactly one year later Japanese dancers expressed a “thank you” for the help and support their country received from Germany and the world at the ITB in Berlin .

Ryukyukoku Matsuridaiko: This group of artists from Okinawa merges Karate-based elements with the ritual Eisa Dance – a worldwide inspiration for young and old.

Japanese International School in Berlin: Young dancers – old rituals. Japanese pupils perform the traditional Eisa Dance in memory of the earthquake victims in their home country.

Takuya Taniguchi: He is one of the greatest in his profession; his teacher was the renowned solo-drummer Eitetsu Hayashi.Taniguchi seeks connections with jazz, flamenco and African music.

EUROPE – Germany
Euphonia: The Berlin orchestra builds bridges to other cultures and has received many international awards. The 25 accordionists break new ground in traditional soundscapes. Their credo: Music connects!

EUROPE – Greece
Kostas Papanastasiou: The Greek actor, guitarist, singer, poet and restaurateur contributed a special touch to the Delphic Festival. Kostas knows the myths of his homeland and is telling of times, when Delphi was considered as navel of the world and Delphic Games celebrated throughout – for 1000 years.

Duo Aënaos: Eleni Irakleous and Marc Alexey together with Bozouki player Leftheris Stampouloglou accompanied Kostas Papanastasiou providing Greek music, distinctly interpreted, sentimental and powerful.

The Celebration of the Delphic Games

The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2011


Sunday, March 13, 3:30 – 5:30 pm at the Palais am Funkturm

Welcome to the Celebration of the Delphic Games

After the successful premiere one year ago, visitors, exhibitors and guests are together once again, celebrating the ITB Berlin finale.

Artists and performers from all over the world will present a spectacular show featuring music, dance, fashion and film. The event will be moderated by Mary Amiri, the well-known radio and television presenter.

Dancers, singers and musicians from Cuba, Germany, Mongolia, South Africa and Poland rule the stage. A program highlight is the announcement of the winners of the Delphic Art Movie Awards 2011. The winners were selected by a jury out of more than 100 documentaries of 35 countries related to the themes of arts and cultures.

The Celebration of the Delphic Games

The Grand Finale of ITB Berlin 2010

The International Delphic Council
is the co-operation partner of the ITB,
the world’s leading travel trade show

ART & CULTURE – AN EXPERIENCE FOR ALL SENSES was the motto of “The Celebration of the Delphic Games – The Grand Finale of the ITB Berlin 2010” inviting all visitors and exhibitors, to say good bye for this year to the World’s leading Travel Trade Show. In co-operation with the International Delphic Council, artists and cultural activists of many countries of the world presented an exceptional Show program.

The festival provided a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere organised by the Berlin Event Agency BEEFTEA LIVE. In the Palais am Funkturm the guests experienced at first hand how art helps to understand different cultures.

Due to the great success of the premiere with the ITB-Closing-Show, the Executive body of the ITB and the IDC agreed to continue its relationship for the ITB 2011.