Delphic Games

The Delphic Games were held parallel to Olympic Games in ancient Greece and celebrated one year prior to the Olympic Games for about 1000 years – until both games were banned as heathen Games 394 BC.The Olympic Games for sport revived with the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 1894 in Paris – 1500 years after the ban

The Delphic Games for arts and culture revived with the founding of the International Delphic Council (IDC) 1994 in Berlin – 1600 years after the ban

Delphic Identity

Art, culture and education are the most significant proof for identity, creativity and development. They are expression of contemporary creation. Art is able to build bridges between cultures and nations and can contribute to a peaceful living together.

Art and culture inspire and promote the awareness for the own existence. They help to answer the questions: Who am I, where I come from and where to go? This questions about the own identity, to find the future way in a globalised world becomes increasingly important.

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  • Artists

    Artists can enrol on their local, regional or national level for participation in the Delphic Games. For the Junior Delphic Games, artists between the age 15 to 25 who are not professionals can take part in the competition.

  • City

    Cities can become members of the Regional Delphic Club and help young artists from their region participate in the international games. Cities must observe the statutes and by-laws of the IDC and the mandate of the observer for one year in IDC.

  • Media

    The International Delphic Council invites media companies and professionals to provide international media coverage for the games and competitions. Any interested parties can write to the IDC with a letter of intent and the scope of media coverage offered.

  • Sponsors

    We invite sponsors for Delphiads and regional events as well as for the national congresses and meetings. Any individuals or companies that are interested in contributing towards the development of Delphic Games can become a sponsor by writing to the IDC.

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